EU Representative

GDPR Compliant Representation for Organisations not based in the EU


If your organisation does business internationally, chances are good that you process data that’s protected by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Now that this regulation is in effect, any organisation that wants to continue doing business in the EU must show evidence of 100% compliance - failure to do so means you risk losing business as clients demand 100% compliance.

Have you appointed your EU representative? Spider Guard’s DPO service bridges your compliance gap.

Article 27 of the GDPR makes appointing an EU representative mandatory for any organisation that processes personal data of EU citizens but doesn’t have a physical presence in the EU.

The purpose of the EU representative is to serve as a local point of contact between you, the individuals whose data you process, and the supervisory authorities who enforce GDPR compliance. This individual acts on your behalf whenever a data subject or a member state authority contacts you about the EU data you process.



Organisations that are obligated to appoint a local representative must do so in writing to show GDPR compliance.

Spider Guards DPO Offering includes EU representation that is comprehensive and affordable.


Compliance is more than just a requirement, it’s about trust. In an increasingly data-driven world, your clients, staff, and shareholders expect you to employ world-class data protection practices when you handle their data. Not only does our service ensure that you comply with the law so that you can continue to conduct your business, listing an EU Representative with our expertise and reputation gives you a distinct advantage over the competition, as your client’s will see their data and ultimately their reputation is in good hands.

Spider Guard’s EU Representative service gives you the peace of mind of knowing you are not only complying with your legal obligations, but also that your interests are represented to the fullest extent.

We offer an exemplary yet affordable alternative to other providers who will charge you thousands of dollars just for the privilege of doing business in the EU.

As your EU representative, our GDPR experts will:

  • Act as your intermediary with Supervisory Authorities and data subjects alike
  • Ensure you comply with your regulatory obligations
  • Respond on your behalf to any and all GDPR-related requests and correspondences within the legally required response period
  • Serve as a knowledge base for all your GDPR-related questions
  • Establish and manage your records of processing in case of any inquiry or subject access request by an EU data subject or supervisory authority

Are you interested in our comprehensive data protection service? Our Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) service includes EU representation services as well. It’s an excellent choice for organisations whose success relies on sound data management and want total data protection that’s best-in-class but costs a fraction of what other providers will charge. Find out more on our Outsourced Data Protection Officer page.

We act as EU Representative for the following clients

Spider Guard’s team is very knowledgeable and truly professional. We had a very demanding project with strict timelines on legal compliance matters and they delivered everything we expected on time and at the highest standards.

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