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Virtual Data Protection Officer

Appoint us as your DPO and give your customers the confidence they are dealing with a company who understand and respect data protection laws.

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GDPR Compliance Project Management

The GDPR has a global reach. If you do business in the EU you need to ensure you comply or risk losing clients who demand evidence of compliance.

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Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design is now a legal requirement. Add us to your team while designing a product or service to ensure compliance every step of the way.

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EU Representative

Article 27 of the GDPR makes appointing an EU representative mandatory for any organization that processes personal data of EU citizens but doesn’t have a physical presence in the EU.

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GDPR Made Simple

Gain Trust

The introduction of the GDPR has caused plenty of confusion for businesses around data. SaaS companies especially are required to prove to their clients and prospects that they are GDPR compliant. At Spider Guard, we understand the GDPR and will develop strategic compliance plans to help you use GDPR compliance as a competitive advantage.

The project management umbrella is vast, and affects many parts of your business. Our project management service has 3 stages: Data Audit, Solution Architecture, and Change Implementation. We work closely with stakeholders to get a core understanding of our client’s business, and keep open communication for knowledge transfer at all times. Then we do all of the heavy lifting. Our vastly experienced compliance team will not just read the law to you; we will help you implement it within your day-to-day operations.

Progressive companies trust Spider Guard

Spider Guard’s team is very knowledgeable and truly professional. We had a very demanding project with strict timelines on legal compliance matters and they delivered everything we expected on time and at the highest standards.
— Nir Chanoch - MD, QLTS School

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We're always on the lookout for the latest news on data protection and regulatory topics. This is also where you can read our informative guides on understanding your compliance obligations and choosing the right

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